“Ode Creative’s wood panels are purchased only from forests that are committed to sustainable and responsible forestry practices. We respect the forest and nature, not only for providing breathtaking beauty and wildlife habitat, but also the forest’s ability to help regulate the earth’s climate with carbon sequestration.”

  • Our products are primarily manufactured using wood – a wonderful organic material that is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable.
  • The northern hardwoods that we select for our panels come from renewable and sustainable forests; we do not use wood from endangered tree species.
  • Panels are made in the USA, which limits our transportation needs (as compared to trans-oceanic imports), thus reducing the carbon footprint of our products.
  • Our adhesives, stains and finishes are designed to minimize harmful emissions – wherever possible, we use water-based products.
  • Both Ode Creative locations – our Grand Rapids factory and our Ann Arbor office – are committed to recycling paper, cardboard, plastics and scrap materials left over from production, thus dramatically reducing landfill requirements.
  • We are just-in-time manufacturers, limiting unnecessary inventory storage.
  • Whenever possible, Ode Creative uses processing procedures and products that have minimal environmental impact.