Design Processes

Ode Creative produces designs on wood panels using one of five different processes: CutThruTM, InSetTM, InScribedTM, InReliefTM, or ImPrintedTM. Definitions of these processes can be found below. Please reference the image above for examples of each process. The images above correlate with the list below as you move from left to right across the images and from top to bottom down the list of definitions.

  • CutThruTMDesign perforates the panel allowing light to show through.
  • InSetTMDesign pattern is recessed and filled with laminate or wood veneer.
  • InScribedTMDesigns are created with a marquetry style etch line that keeps veneer flush with the panel. Panel is overall 1/2" thick.
  • InReliefTMA modern woodcarving process where the design process is overlayed, giving bas-relief dimensional look to the panel.
  • ImPrintedTMThe process prints digital images directly onto the wood panel.